Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Protection Solution

Being the sole earner of your family is a big responsibility. Now consider an unfortunate event, if something were to happen to you. Who will provide safety and security to your family in your absence? It is important to ensure your loved one’s financial security to meet the uncertainties and make your family feel fully protected. One of the best ways to do this is through Term plans, the purest form of our insurance.

Wealth Solution

We all have dreams and aspirations like buying a house, giving our children’s the best education and having a comfortable life after retirement. These dreams can be fulfilled only by planning our finances well. One of the key steps in financial planning is investing in Wealth Creation Plans. Wealth creation plans offer more liquidity options and are ideal for customers who are risk savvy and want the protection of a life insurance cover along with the returns of market-linked instruments.

Saving Solutions

Financial planning is the key to fulfilling your dreams and aspirations. From providing for your family to buying a home or a car, good planning ensures lifetime financial security for your family, even in case of an unfortunate event of the death of an earning member of your family. The sign of a sound financial plan is the inclusion of adequate life insurance coverage in the plan, with an element of savings built along side. Life Insurance is also an important saving instrument. Insurance saving plans can help you organise specific needs like saving for your child’s education, marriage, settlement in life, purchase of a house, retirement and other financial goals.

Retirement Solutions

With the rising life expectancy stretching to late 70’s or early 80’s, the average retirement years are also on the rise. You can therefore define retirement as a period for personal reinvention. It is important to look back at the early stages of your life when you worked hard to build an adequate corpus which would provide you and your family with the comforts of life. To ensure the current lifestyle is maintained even after you stop working, it is imperative to carefully plan your savings so as to enjoy your golden years! Life after retirement is not only about money, medicine or health; but also leisure for those who want to spend their retirement by golfing, gardening or travelling. Right financial planning at the right time will help you continue to enjoy the benefits even during retirement.